Wider Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES)

A Multi-Disciplinary Academic Society

(An Affiliate of 'World Association for Vedic Studies', USA)

Registered under societies registration act, XXI of 1860

PROGRAM DETAILS : World Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES) : 15th International Conference & Wider Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES) : 26th India Conference On the theme Innovative Applications of Vedic Knowledge in Today's World- 'वर्तमान विश्व में वैदिक ज्ञान का नवप्रवर्तनीय उपयोग' From 23rd - 25th Dec, 2022
Membership of WAVES

Membership :

  1. The membership is open to any person residing in India permanently or any academic institution in India having pursuits and interest in Vedic and Ancient Indian studies.
  2. The membership shall be by fee, which will be determined by the Governing Council from time to time.
  3. An individual seeking membership of the WAVES, by implication and explicit statement, will support the aims and objects for which the Association is formed.
  4. Institutional membership shall mean that the Institution seeking membership has nothing in the institution's character, constitution or bye-laws that conflicts with the aims and objections of the WAVES.

Member :

An individual who agrees with the aims and objectives of the Association, without consideration of race, religion or ethnic origin, having interest in Vedic and Ancient Indian studies, can become an Ordinary Member of the Association by paying an Annual Subscription. An ordinary member can become a Life Member by paying life membership fee.

Institutional Member :

An educational institution can become an 'Institutional Member' of the Association by paying a one time membership fee to be fixed by the Governing Council, besides an enrolment fee of Rs. 500/-. Application for 'Institutional Membership' shall be made by a competent Officer of the Institution.

Student Member :

An individual registered as a student in an educational institution can enroll as a 'Student Member' of the Association by paying an annual subscription of Rs. 100/-. Student membership will cease, within 6 months of the person losing the status as a student (he / she may apply for enrolment as an Ordinary Member thereafter.

Honorary Member :

Any person who has distinguished himself / herself in any field or activity related to Vedic and ancient Indian studies, may be invited by the Governing Council to be an Honorary Member.

The association offers Annual (one calendar year) or Life Membership to interested persons with recommendations from previous members. Introduction is required by two individual members, or by one of the office bearers.

Membership fee :

  1. For life: Rs. 4500.00
  2. Ordinary membership: Rs. 500.00 for one calendar year.
Please make DD/cheque payable to 'WIDER ASSOCIATION FOR VEDIC STUDIES', payable at Delhi.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Members receive free copies of Association's Newsletter.
  2. They can avail discount on the publications of WAVES.
  3. Generally complimentary registration is offered to the members of WAVES for its conferences.
  4. Members are informed and invited for participation in the lectures, seminars, workshops, panel discussions and other academic programs through post or email.

Members are invited to participate in the General Body meetings of the Association and to exercise right of vote in the election of office bearers and members of the Governing Council of the Association, provided he / she has paid all dues at least six weeks before the date of voting. They can be a candidate for election as Office Bearer or Member of the Governing Council of the Association.

Membership Form: Click Here to Download


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President, WAVES
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Phone : 25265237 (R)
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